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My Very Very Very First Post

So how can a post be "very" first, you ask yourself? That is a question for a more stable mind with much larger amounts of black coffee pulsing through his veins. As for this morning, the simplest of facts without traces of embellishment (i.e., my usual lies) are all that I can manage. In brief, I am a professor at Emory University in Atlanta, housed within the generous confines of the Department of Theater Studies. I only teach what I know (or don't [teach or know]). This fine morning the rich blackness of my caffeine drip enables the pinspot of my mind's eye to make the following two statements I perceive as fact: 1. Skyfall is one of the top ten Bond films, but does not crack the top five and certainly does not even sniff the number one position as certain critics have suggested. and 2. The final week of Grim, Grimmer, Grimmest: Tales of a Precarious Nature will begin the final week of its all too brief run tonight in the MGM theatre at Emory. So come see it! It is dark, delirium inducing and might be hazardous to your health, both that of your brain and body.

I prefer things in threes, but a third fact eludes my tenuous grasp on the reality of morning. I am sure that some things are obvious. My lamp is on. It is cooler than June. Those types of things. But the relentless tedium of the obvious prevents its publication. Time to get the day going.

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